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====== alternatives to network ======

  • joint
  • amalgamate
  • coalesce
  • bond
  • inter
  • affinity
  • union
  • commingle
  • synthesize
  • fuse
  • pool
  • fiber
  • weave
  • co-metabolism
  • symbiosis

cards.pdf ====== Holobiont Perspective ====== Multiple organisms for the common good. Each of us is a team. Genomic and physiological coordination.

“Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking.” -Lynn Margulis, Symbiotic Planet, 1998.





A educational template based on the flattening of the current step by step curricular systems. Economics, relational aesthetics, politics, etc.

Work with students to develop tactics to survive within, subvert and produce new perspectives within a controlled framework.


chinese-click-farm-video.jpg Click Farm Aesthetics

E-Sports as Design Practice


First day of school, students pick 9 interests, those interests, combined with 9 interests from another randomly selected student form the curriculum template for the student's entire eduction. This shuffling of interests and priorities will fight against bias and will bring a more nimble educational model to institutions.