What we mean by Hyper- and Post-formalism (as a starting point):

There is no new.
There is no old.
There is no outside.
There is only inside.
There is no “beyond” to reach.
There is only the heavily burdened now
and the full immersion in its richness, messiness, complexity and chaos.

What should a graphic designer working in this context be? A form maker
Intensely visually, culturally, and technologically literate
Involved in global and local culture at multiple scales/levels of engagement
An avid and critical consumer of all media and sources of information
A participant in online/social media content generation

Immersed in a broad range of styles expressed in a broad range of media
Willing to investigate and negotiate cultural/ideological flatness and other forms of shifting/emerging cultural hierarchy
Skilled with traditional, contemporary and emerging form-making techniques and technologies
Simultaneously synthetic and the authentic
A shape-shifter…