Try not. DO... Or do not. There is no try. —Yoda

This could be what a conversation is—simply the outline of a becoming. —Maggie Nelson

Day 4 Sunday July 23, 2017

Final Presentation
This is it. All subteams will give a 5-minute presentation on their artifacts. Audience members respond and make notes via Etherpad. After all presentations are complete, we will have a larger group discussion.

The act of making a thing is the thing itself. —Workshop Project

Day 3 Saturday July 22, 2017

Making It
Today you are translating theory into practice—making the abstract concrete. You will be producing a selection of artifacts for your proposed curriculum.

  • You are not problem solving. A strategy to resist problem solving: Map the least practical aspect of your curriculum onto a practical artifact.
  • The artifact should not be an external/objective description of your curriculum. It should come from inside the curriculum. It should be an example of what it is, not a description of what it is.
  • Think of the artifacts(s) that you are making as a critical platform to reveal the implicit value system of your curriculum. How does the artifact give us an understanding of the macro structure and conceptual framework of the curriculum?

11-5pm Team Work Day

  1. Propose 3 artifacts for your curricula. Post to the Artifact Proposals article on the wiki by 12pm. Each subgroup has been assigned an individual meeting time with visiting critics, Roosje Klap, Niels Schrader and Kali Nikitas also listed here.
  2. Please post your working location along with your proposals so that the facilitators and MFA participants can drop in.
  3. Select which artifact(s) to make and make them. All artifacts should be complete by 5pm.
  4. Meet back in the Lighting Studio at 5pm.

Thus in order to be a "radical" one must be open to the possibility that one's own core assumptions are misconceived —Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian

Day 2 Friday July 21, 2017

Learning Objectives 2.0

  1. We are not making a smarter version of what's already out there
  2. Pursue a line of inquiry beyond the limitations that you already recognize
  3. We are not solving problems
  4. Do not sacrifice your interests and agenda for consensus. Rehearse pluralism

Prompt: 11am Team Work Session

  1. Each subgroup (Automation, Pluralism, Visual Rhetoric) is now building its own set of artifacts for the larger team.You should not assume that these artifacts have to share a single agenda or speak in a unified voice. They can diverge and still coexist.
  2. Designate at least 1 Etherpad note taker per group.
  3. Debate and decide on the following: You can only teach 1 concrete thing. What is it and why? Gather the following to support this proposal: At least 10 resources in any medium or format. At least 3 new lexicon terms
  4. Prepare a 5-minute presentation of your proposal to the whole group. This presentation can take any form. Discussion to follow.

Presentation: 2 pm, Lighting Studio
Guest critics: Roosje Klap and Niels Schrader

Day 1 Thursday July 20, 2017

FREE Team Breakdown

  1. Each group (Hyper- and Post-Formalists) will divide into 3 subgroups: Automation, Pluralism, Visual Rhetoric.
  2. Discuss how Hyper- and Post-Formalism engage with Automation, Pluralism, Visual Rhetoric.