A ★ fantastic group of educators ★ representing a wide range of institutions will convene at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California from July 12–15, 2018 to explore the radical potential of the artifacts and platforms of design education (tools, projects, presentations, prompts, resource lists and the like) as spaces for new forms of critical writing, making, and discourse.

Mary Banas, Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design (BFA) & Program in Design (MFA), California College of the Arts, yesismore.us

Rachel Berger, Chair, Graphic Design, California College of The Arts

Daniel Chang, Associate Professor, Biola University, La Mirada, California

Laura Coombs, Visiting Assistant Professor, Communications Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Senior Graphic Designer, New Museum, New York

Joel Evey, Independent educator; Senior Creative Director Global, Gap; Principal, Pathh.co

Chris Hamamoto, Assistant Professor, Program in Design, California College of the Arts, chrishamamoto.com

Erin Hauber, Director of Design Education, USAA, Austin, Texas

Mari Hulick, Director, School of Design, Professor of Communication Design, San Francisco State University

Yasmin Khan, Partner, Workshop Project; Special Faculty, Undergraduate Communications Design, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

Nicole Killian, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University; co-editor and co-designer, ISSUES nicole (at) nylondip (dot) com OR nmkillian@vcu.edu :)))))))))))))))))))) nylondip

Daniel McCafferty, Assistant Professor, School of Art, University of Manitoba

Silas Munro, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts, MFA Graphic Design, Otis College of Art and Design; Advisor, MFA Program in Graphic Design, Vermont College of Fine Arts; Principal, Poly-Mode

Randy Nakamura, Adjunct Professor, Design, California College of The Arts; Ph.D candidate, Critical Studies program, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

John Sueda, Chair, Graduate Program in Design, California College of The Arts; Founder, Stripe SF

Joshua Unikel, Lecturer, The University of Houston, Texas. Contributing Editor, Seneca Review. joshua[dot]unikel [at]gmail[dot]com. joshuaunikel.com.

Dameon Waggoner, Independent designer and educator, Los Angeles, California https://dameonwaggoner.com/

Christina Webb, Lecturer, Communication Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles; Principal, Christina Webb Design + Art Direction http://christinawebb.org/

Jessica Wexler, Partner, Workshop Project; Chair, Undergraduate Communications Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

Pirco Wolfframm, Adjunct Professor CCE, Communications Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

Karen Zimmermann, Professor Illustration and Design, The University of Arizona School of Art, Tucson, Arizona https://karenzimmermannhere.com/