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Embodied Pluralism
To apply concepts of pluralism, meaning opening up the discourse to a larger group of people, to every form of one self.
To embody pluralism is to go beyond pluralism in a professional or social aspect and incorporate it to anything and possible everything you do.

The NEW Frame
Testing new models for framing design concepts, to challenge or all together abandon values relating to the design canon.
New frameworks to assess and assign value to concepts not represented within the design canon.
What is a new frame or lens that would allow assessment of Caribbean design that is not dictated by European standards?

Indigenous Collaboration
A purposeful relationship in a region strategically assembles together to achieve a common goal in order to approach their expectation of vision or value.

Grid Imperialism
Western European Modernist design (homogenization) as an oppressive visual force seen through out the world.*definition in progress

Performative Agency
Showing ability to produce affect with visible actions involving the body