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 Philz Coffee\\ Philz Coffee\\
 Starbucks\\ Starbucks\\
-Farley'​s ​(coffee, empanadas, vegan salads, daily soup)\\ +Farley'​s\\ 
-Goat Hill Pizza (sourdough crust)\\ +Goat Hill Pizza\\ 
-PARKER Potrero ​(salads, sandwiches, brunch-y items)\\+PARKER Potrero\\
 Sally'​s Restaurant and Diner\\ Sally'​s Restaurant and Diner\\
 Torraku Ramen\\ Torraku Ramen\\
-Dumpling Time (usually has a line)\\+Dumpling Time\\
 Saap Ver Authentic Thai Cuisine\\ Saap Ver Authentic Thai Cuisine\\
 Skool\\ Skool\\