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 \\ \\
 2:30pm //​Post/​Automation//​\\ 2:30pm //​Post/​Automation//​\\
-**__Deother__** : 
-Swap and give, always a guest by invitation, always already borrowing, everything is new if always in the moment. (hospitality) ...possible ruleset.\\ 
-**__Nonendgoal__** : 
-Doorlessness - perpetual points or a mesh - de-analytic acceptance - how and with whom to make - converse - think. No peak.\\ 
-**__Contextamation__** : 
-Enfolding cycles of meaning that are stored (present) in archives - libraries - personal histories - present minds in constant reassembly of ritual (as a form of automation).\\ 
-**__Egomotor__** : 
-Driving threat; ticking bomb.\\ 
 3pm //​Post/​Pluralism//​\\ 3pm //​Post/​Pluralism//​\\